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Pretoria Girls High Says No to Natural Hair


As some may have seen on the news or social media, Pretoria High School is an all girls school in South Africa that has been in the hot seat for not allowing fros or natural hair.  Look at this statement copied and pasted verbatim from their website:

The school was founded in the earnest hope that here girls of different races and different denominations might meet in that commonwealth of letters which gave Erasmus and Shakespeare to the world. – Edith Aitken.

Interesting isn’t it?  So as you can imagine, we now have protesters made of high school girls wanting to wear their natural hair without having to straighten or conform to their standard of “acceptable” hair.

Here’s also a screenshot from their code of conduct where it talks about their general appearance:
code of conduct

Although natural afros or natural hair textures isn’t exactly mentioned, there is definitely a strict policy on hair.  One interesting thing I noticed about the code of conduct is that the first paragraph seems to address the white students and the third paragraph seems to address the black students.  Black girls seem to be limited to boring braids/cornrows, skinny dreads, or straight hair since hair must be brushed, kept in a TIGHT bun, or ponytail not visible from the front.

Several students have been told to straighten their hair, that they look like monkeys, or that their hair looks like nests.  This is strictly racism and ignorance.  Pretoria Girls High was and is predominately a white institution.

It truly saddens me as a person who is natural and wears their hair around the workplace and school proudly, that there are young girls out there who are being ridiculed for doing the same thing.

Also, if you feel that you are being attacked about your appearance, please protest and raise awareness!  Get people to know about the issue and you’d be surprised at how quickly things can get resolved.


Stop Racism at Pretoria Girls High


Picking a cosmetology school?

As a college student, it is the norm to think about my future.

I really want to get into cosmetology school in the future.  I already enjoy doing my hair, nails, and makeup so why not become a card-carrying, licensed professional?  My ultimate goal would be owning a natural hair salon since I feel there is a lack of stylists who are familiar with our textures.  There are too many horror stories with naturals going to the hair salon.

I would also like to help the community by putting together a program where people can get free haircuts and hairdos for interviews and school.  I would call it “First Impressions”.  The first day of school or a job interview can be heavily impacted just by the way you look.   I would like to achieve this by doing fundraising to buy the tools, sterilization, and venue to run the program.  Fundraising activities could be hair shows, selling wigs or weaves, and portions of my own salon services.  I would then like to build a team of other licensed professionals to help with the program.  Future expansion projects could mean adding in donated interview clothes, or having speakers come in and give interview tips.  I would time these programs around popular job fairs, August (first day of school) and January (back to school).

My main obstacles with going to cosmetology school is choosing the right school and coming up with the money to attend.  I really don’t want to go to a high-end school just to learn something that they’ll teach you in a community college.  At the same time, I don’t want a community college to look bad on my resume (not always the case).  With a profession like cosmetology, I believe your portfolio speaks more than what school you went to.  Half of these great MUAs and hair stylists on Instagram or Youtube never stepped foot in a cosmetology school.  I just really want to say that I am licensed to perform these services.  Also, cosmetology school is expensive.  Roughly between 10k-25k.  So before I actually dive into this, I will of course have to work a job, get my life together, pay my previous student loans, and then revisit this again.

Paul Mitchell
I visited Paul Mitchell in the Fall of 2015.  I brought my roommate with me.  When we got there, the teachers were enthused to see me.  I took a tour and they talked about the history, the kit I will get, and the costs of attending.  What I disliked about the school is that they seemed eager for money… right away.  They basically told me that I should postpone my senior year of college and attend their school instead.  Then, they tried to convince my roommate to also attend the school after she showed no interest of attending.  I managed to see the current students in action and they seemed very relaxed.   I can tell they were very liberal and probably have not gone to college yet.  I spoke with the students briefly and they said they loved the school.  Overall, my experience at Paul Mitchell was good but I did not leave feeling excited.

  • Tuition: $15,000
  • Materials: $3,500


What really drew me to Aveda is that my three favorite hair gurus are licensed from Aveda – TheGlamTwinz and MoKnowsHair.

Kendra and Kelsey (TheGlamTwinz)

Monica Stevens (MoKnowsHair)

I visited Aveda July of 2016.  I was in a group tour but I did not bring anyone with me this time.  The person giving the tour seemed more realistic and professional.  I visited the school during a holiday so I did not get a chance to see the students.  The school seems very hands on and challenging.  Again, the tour guide went over the kit I will be getting, the history of Aveda, and the costs of attending.  By the way, the tour guide put a lot of emphasis that we will be getting an iPad as a part of our kit… I can get an iPad on my own *eye roll*.  Overall, my experience at Aveda was better than what I experienced at Paul Mitchell.  I liked that it seemed more serious, professional, and caring.  They also stressed that their products are all natural and that they love to give back to the community.  However, because it was so similar to Paul Mitchell, I now see them as competitors selling the same product rather than two unique entities.

  • Tuition: $18,000
  • Materials: $2,500


Community College
I haven’t actually toured this particular community college but I learned a lot from their website.  Their cosmetology program is new and it usually takes about two years to complete (instead of 1 year at the high-end schools).  Also, with this two year program, you will earn an Associate degree in Applied Science in Cosmetology AS WELL AS your license. High-end schools only offer a license.  Also, this community college offers classes for you to become a natural hair specialist, separate from their core cosmetology program.  Not only that, it’s also cheaper than the high-end schools.  Sounds like the way to go, right?  Yes, I am leaning towards this option definitely.  I feel like getting a degree AND paying less is getting more bang for your buck.  Granted it takes longer but years honestly go by quickly than you think.

  • Tuition: $5,250
  • Materials: $5,800

If anyone has an experience with a cosmetology school they went to, please comment below!