Why I Quit YouTube

Yes – I made YouTube videos in the past.  I was your typical YouTube hair girl showing you how I do my wash and go, talking about my hair journey, and giving tips and advice about hair.  Sounds like normal stuff, right?  Exactly!  I was a duplicate of everyone else.  I brought nothing new to the table and that’s how I feel about the YouTube market now.

Even outside of hair, I feel like YouTube is getting more and more uploads from people simply trying to become “successful”.  If YouTube couldn’t show you views, subscribers, likes, or comments, over HALF of these people would not be on YouTube.  People are now seeing YouTube as a lazy way to make money and gain fame and not as an outlet to just simply upload videos they’re passionate about.  Of course there are those who just genuinely like making videos but I feel like these new users are just doing it for easy money.

Now before you guys scream at me and say that YouTube is not easy – I beg to differ.  If all I had to do was glam myself up everyday and just talk about stuff I do anyways on camera, I wouldn’t feel like I’m doing anything.  Don’t forget, I used to sit there and edit videos too – I’ve been there!  From my experience, making videos is much easier than doing homework, going to class, or working at a corporate office 5 days a week.  I will actually compare it to my blog posts: you think of stuff, you marinate on it, and boom – make it happen.

No one has a unique identity on YouTube anymore.  No one is different now.  There are only so many twist-out videos, product demos, wash and gos, baby hair and puff tutorials, night time routines, try on hauls,makeup tutorials, vlog channels, beauty channels, and 100 coats of ___ videos to watch before they all start looking the same.  It is hard to keep up with all of them!

So basically to help answer questions and give advice, I find that it is much easier for me to write a blog.  I am in no way trying to gain fame or money from these blog posts.  These are strictly informational as I still get a lot of questions about my hair journey.  I will not be making videos except for little snippets on my Instagram and Snapchat.


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