The Market Says Curly Hair Only!

I have heard lots of women say that they can’t go natural because their hair is too nappy or that they have no curl pattern.  I have seen for myself that the natural hair world overlooks women with kitchens, naps, and beadie-beads.  I have noticed that even on social media, people would give praise to women with curlier, looser hair textures.  More women would comment “hair goals” under pictures of women with curly hair.  Why is curly hair still considered the “good” hair?  As much as we’d like to ignore that notion, it’s still in the air – and it stinks!

Let’s take a look at some popular items on the shelves, shall we?

…. Just to name a few.

Let me point out something – All of the products shown above have “curls” in either the brand name or the product name.  Why do you think so many women ask “what products do you use?”  It’s almost as if companies are selling curls in a bottle or jar.  Women buy these products expecting their hair to curl just like what they saw on YouTube.  Then when the products don’t “work”, women beat themselves up over it, claim that their hair is too nappy, and go back to relaxers, weaves, or wigs.  When women buy “natural” weaves or wigs, the curl pattern on them is still going to be a loose curl.  I hardly see women get excited for bundles that are course, a kinkier texture, or even a full blown afro.

Twists outs, braid outs, and bantu knots.  All of these styles are done to mimic the look of curly hair.  We spend hours at night installing rollers, perm rods, and flexi rods.  Why?  We are trying to make our hair look like something that it is not.  We are trying to have our hair look like what’s desirable.  What does a “bomb” twist out even mean?  It means that the hair came out curly and defined.  But why don’t women consider their natural texture “bomb”?

I am fully aware of the choice and freedom to do whatever we like to our hair.  But it’s becoming an issue when that “choice” is always a looser curl or straighter hair.

There used to be a time in the 70s where you couldn’t tell a black woman NOTHING about her fro.  Picks and sheen sprays were common things to carry around.  The bigger the better!   White people even went ahead and got curly perms to mimic our hair.  Now look at us – running around worried about making our curls “pop”.

“But Stelly… you have curly hair.  What are you trying to say?”
When I say I am a natural hair enthusiast, I am not just enthusiastic about my own hair.  I love the natural hair movement as a whole and I wish more women would participate in it.  I wish more women could feel comfortable about their hair without society saying that we need to have curls if we’re natural.  This post was not intended to bash women, it was more just an observation on how curly hair is such a trend thanks to the market and advertising.   I love my hair but I am not pressed to keep the curls in my head.  I don’t refresh my curls throughout the week, I don’t even put my hair away when I sleep.  Whatever frizz, tangles, or mats happen in my hair I welcome.  I don’t do twist-outs or braid outs.  I don’t even do the shingling method where you rake gel throughout your entire head to get that super defined look.  Curly hair is just not that big of a deal to me.  I am concerned about the health and then the length of my hair – not what it looks like texture wise.  I wish more women would feel this way.


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