Never Again

This is a list of hair-related things I have tried and stopped using.

The mousse I tried was TRESemme’s Flawless Curls Mousse and it did nothing but dry my hair out.  I tried it because I wanted something with good hold while I was on a trip to Minnesota.  My hair did hold but when I washed it out, my hair felt stripped!  I was actually scared the mousse did something permanent to my hair (it didn’t).

The Cantu Brand
There is really nothing wrong with Cantu except that it is white-owned.  Why should I give my money to them when there’s other black-owned brands like Shea Moisture or Miss Jessie’s?  The reason why I am picky about them is because the line is tailored specifically to natural hair and not just “curls” or “waves”.  I feel as though they are just joining the bandwagon to make money off of us.

Flat Iron
There’s no point.  The heat-damage risk is high.  You don’t want to put the temperature too high to damage your hair but put it too low and your hair will frizz back up in 5 minutes.  I actually do not even own a flat iron.

My hair was easier to manage for a while and then all hell broke loose.  My hair was thirsty and my curls were so uneven.  The way hair reacts to texturizers is unpredictable.  If it uniformly loosened my curls, I wouldn’t have much of an issue with it.  However, the burden that I have officially left the “natural world” was heavy and I felt as though I betrayed myself as a black woman.  Side Note: Even if they did make a texturizer that uniformly loosened curls – I wouldn’t use it.  I would never use another chemical on my hair.

Hair Dye/Bleach
I am a very low-maintenance person.  Root touch-ups and extra deep conditioning was not a top priority on my “to do” list.  Also, the bleach damaged my hair a lot.  It made it dry and frizzy.  The damage was much more noticeable when I started to let my hair grow out.  The difference in health between my non-bleach and bleach hair was insane.

Shaved Sides
Yes, I used to shave the sides of my head back in the hipster years of 2011-2013.  Shaving my hair gave my hair less volume and it also limited my hairstyles.  Back to the low-maintenance thing, it became tiring when I had to reshave my hair every 3 weeks or so.

Protective Styling
I know right?!  Protective styling?!  Well for me it takes way too much time and money.  I am not going to sit down for 3 hours and put twists in my hair or pay someone to do it for me.  I also like having my hair out too much for me to put it away.  I feel like my hair is healthy enough to where it doesn’t need to be kept away (I may regret this later).

Hair Salons
Nah fam.  Just nah.  Too many horror stories.  Too much money.

No Poo Shampoo
This is specifically speaking about the DevaCurl line.  It was such an odd experience trying to “cleanse” my hair with no suds or bubbles.  It felt like I needed to use so much of the product that was already expensive.  My hair felt clean but at the same time it didn’t.


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